Dino Zoo

Dino Zoo by Nick Mackie
Paperback / eBook: 242 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1490450865



It’s not the dinosaurs that you need to be wary of – it’s the people!

Edison Hope’s greatest dream has come true – he has been offered a job at the Dinosaur Zoo.

However a violent robbery inside the zoo sets in motion a series of events that puts Edison’s teenage life in danger.

When a mysterious stranger starts to stalk him after a serious accident Edison has to make some life changing decisions.

How far will he go to protect his family, his job and the zoo?

A coming of age story, that builds to a dangerous and shocking conclusion.
“I sometimes had to get the emergency torch from under my pillow because I didn’t want to stop reading!” – Bella (12)

“It was probably the best book I’ve read ever” – Joe (10)

“A very good fiction book for 11 years and above. My favourite bit was the zoo’s burglary the description was so good I couldnt stop reading.” – Laurence (11)